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"We can’t always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."
~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt
We all think about investing for the future. But what about investing IN the future? It's a worn cliche that "the children are our future," but it's become a cliche for a reason - it's true!
Are you one of many who feel a pang of regret when considering what kind of future we are leaving for our kids? If you don't feel like you can do enough to "build the future," then maybe you could investigate how to "build our youth." If you're apprehensive about the shape of things to come, take some solace in the fact that our world's youth has the power to change the negative impact previous generations may have had.
Look closely at the local school system, child welfare programs, foster care agencies, and the like. Do you see room for improvement? Are you happy with the level of education that your child and his classmates are receiving? What if it were your little boy or girl trying to make their way through welfare or foster care? It's not pleasant to think about, but remember, "Ask not for whom the bell tolls," because it could easily one day toll for you or someone close to you.
Start on the local level and work your way up, by contacting city commissioners, education boards, county officials, state legislators, even the President of the United States! Visit http://www.whitehouse.gov and click on "CONTACT." You'll find addresses, phone numbers, faxes, and emails to help you reach the right people and express your comments on this important issue.
Help build your children for the future by spending time encouraging their creativity and intellectual curiosity. Get involved in their activities, become friends with their friends, try to sit down for one meal a day and talk about the news in school, your town, your state, your country, the world.
If you don't have children, consider mentoring or sponsoring a child in need. Offer to tutor, go to a meal or two, attend a sports or entertainment event. Your investment could yield the highest returns you'll ever see - in yourself, our children, and our future!

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